Born in Yokohama, Japan, between an Italian father and a Japanese mother, Cancemi grows up as the second youngest of five children.  His interest in hip hop develops at a young age while still in elementary school, when he hears his oldest sister listening to rap and hip hop.  Then soon began Cancemi’s pursuit in music, dance, DJ, graffiti, and rap.  In his days as a student, he spends most of his time dedicated to music and baseball.
At age 19, Cancemi makes his major debut as rapper and singer-songwriter of hip hop band, DELiGHTED MINT, through the record label For Life.
In 2002, he begins his career as a solo artist after DELiGHTED MINT is disbanded.  Since then, his career expands to various fields of music and artistry, including producing theme songs and soundtracks for anime and tv productions.  The following year Cancemi establishes his own record label company @LAS RECORDS (currently Atlasmusic Entertainment, Inc.), in which, he successfully makes and releases over twenty singles and albums through the label.  Around this time, his unit DUMMEEZ is born, created alongside Koichi Tsutaya.  Simultaneously, the Giorgio”13″ Cancemi and Toko hiphop duo, So’Fly, makes its major debut from For Life Music Entertainment.
As part of Cancemi’s solo project, he also becomes known as Nerdhead in 2009 with his solo debut single, Brave Heart featuring Kana Nishino.  The hit single recorded number one in both daily and weekly charts of Recochoku Chaku Uta, a Japanese downloading site for music.  Spring of 2010, Nerdhead comes out with his first album, Beginning of the End, sweeping over numerous billboard charts.  The year marks a significant success for Cancemi as a producer as well as it becomes the year Aitakute Aitakute, a single he produced for Kana Nishino ranks number one in Recochoku Year-End chart.  His work is given further recognition in the music industry as Nikkei Entertainment presents Cancemi with the ‘Hitmaker of the Year 2011’ award.  He signs with Universal Music.
Giorgio “13” Cancemi continues his career as he receives high acclaim for his own work with So’Fly and Nerdhead, and his projects with big names including Kana Nishino, Kuraki Mai, Tanaka Alice, Ayuse Kozue, Che’nelle and Korean pop group Supernova (Choshinsung/Choushinsei).